Aaron I. Rappeport, Esq.


To get your divorce started, you will need to review a few simple things:

1. Divorce Procedures and Client Authorization forms: This describes the requirements and the cost for the 3 types of no-fault divorces which are available from our firm and authorizes our firm to begin divorce proceedings on your behalf.

2. Divorce Intake Form: This is a 1-page questionnaire which provides us with the information we need to prepare the divorce documents.

To begin divorce proceedings you will need to complete fill out the forms and return them to our office, along with the initial deposit for the type of divorce you select  ($180.00 for a Type 1; $320.00 for a Type 2 or $380.00 for a Type 3 ) We will bill you the balance of the fee plus $100.00 for court costs when we are ready to file the divorce documents with the court. 

You can click on the underlined links above to download the necessary documents, or contact us and we will send them to you by mail.